Backup HSM Solutions

Luna Backup HSM

Backup and securely store your high value cryptographic key material offline in tamper-resistant hardware. Easily backup and restore up to 100 partitions either locally at your Luna HSM or remotely. Available in three models with different storage capacities to meet your needs. 

This accessory to Thales Luna Network and PCIe HSMs enables you to reduce risks, maintain SLAs, and ensure regulatory compliance, ensuring your critical data is securely stored offline.

Thales Backup HSM Solutions

Backup Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) are widely used by enterprises, financial institutions and government to securely backup high value cryptographic key material.

Follow security best practices by maintaining keys in hardware throughout their lifecycle, protecting those keys even when not in use and reducing the attack surface with a backup HSM solution from Thales.

Thales offers flexible options to help maintain business continuity, with offline backup HSM and cloud backup HSM solutions:

Reduce risks, maintain SLAs, and ensure regulatory compliance by ensuring your keys are securely stored offline in a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated Luna Backup HSM solution from Thales.