AGIS LifeRing

Low cost, cutting edge technology provides comprehensive, unmatched Common Operational Picture (COP) along with the ability to Collaborate and Command. LifeRing’s Integrated Digital Data, Voice and Video are all encrypted within a single application — a Real Tactical Capability.

When all Network Participants have the COP and capability to rapidly and effectively exchange data, voice, and video, Safety and Operational Effectiveness are greatly increased. LifeRing is available in Military, Federal Law Enforcement, and First Responder versions.


LifeRing provides a life-preserving line of constant communication throughout the command structure and interfaces with most military Command and Control Systems…


US Government Agencies find LifeRing to be a powerful tool that provides all a COP and the ability to Collaborate, Command, PTT and Exchange video.

First responders

In situations where every second counts, a First Responder using LifeRing can mark an area of emergency on a map.


  • Ability to operate with or without a Server
  • Automatic Server Failover
  • Data Recorded & Time Stamped for Analysis
  • Digital Geo-Fence Crossing Alert
  • Emergency Notifications
  • Geo-Positioned Photos
  • Integrated Full-Motion Video
  • Integrated Push-To-Talk (PTT)
  • Integrated Worldwide Street Maps
  • Join Various Groups
  • Maps downloaded or pre-stored
  • Real-Time Common Operational Picture (COP)
  • Request Immediate Position Report
  • Send Messages and Chat
  • Share Photographs with Text
  • Touch Location Geo-Positioned Markers
  • Transmit and Receive Commands
  • Whiteboards
  • Works with or without Internet