Oxygen Forensics

Founded in 2000, Oxygen Forensics has provided solutions in the mobile forensics market since the beginning of our mobile-connected world. Nowadays Oxygen Forensics is the leading global digital forensics software provider, giving law enforcement, federal agencies, and  enterprises access to critical data and insights faster than ever before. Specializing in mobile device, cloud, drones and IoT data, Oxygen Forensics provides the most advanced digital forensic data extraction and analytical tools for criminal and corporate investigations.


10 reasons to choose Oxygen Forensic® Detective

1. Benefit from an all-in-one digital forensic platform.
Extract evidence from many digital sources, including mobile devices, cloud services, computers, drones, IoT devices, and smartwatches. There are no hidden costs or additional services to pay.

2. Gain access to locked device data.
Bypass screen locks, perform physical acquisitions of Android devices based on Exynos, Kirin, Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Spreadtrum chipsets, as well as extract full file system data from Apple iOS devices.

3. Use cutting-edge decryption technologies.
Our built-in brute force module decrypts device physical dumps and backups, as well as gives access to the most secure mobile apps to include Wickr Me, Signal, Snapchat, Vault apps, and more.

4. Extract cloud-based evidence.
Gain access to 98 cloud services, including the most popular Messengers, Social Networks, Travel, Fitness, Browsers, Email, Online Stores and Services, Device cloud backups, IoT cloud backups, Drone backups, etc.

5. Gain quick insights into computer usage and artifacts.
Collect user credentials, chats, emails, browsing history, and system files on live Windows, macOS and Linux systems, as well as import and parse E01, L01 and AD1 images for these valuable artifacts

6. Reduce investigation backlogs.
Extract and parse massive data sets at speeds 3 times faster than other tools offer, run several simultaneous device and cloud extractions, and speed up extraction with selective artifact selection.

7. Powerful searching and filtering.
Hunt and quickly locate critical information by hash sets, keywords, regular expressions, determine the subject’s closest circle of communication and frequently visited locations, convert any words contained in an image to machine-encoded text and identify evidential images with the built-in image and facial categorization AI engine. 

8. Receive timely software updates.
Our software features always reflect current customer needs and recent technology developments, allowing us to introduce many industry-first solutions in mobile and cloud forensics. We have a minimum of 8 major releases and 12 minor releases every year; the most in the industry.

9. Start using it right after purchase.
Due to its intuitive user interface, investigators can start using the software right after their purchase. Oxygen Forensic® Detective is suited both for experienced DFIR specialists and novices who’ve recently started their career in criminal and corporate investigation.

10. Trust the company with over 21 years of digital forensics experience.
The Oxygen Forensics team has contributed to public safety in over 150 countries and served more than 10,000 law enforcement and corporate customers. 

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