Securosys is a Swiss company designing and producing hardware and software cryptographic systems that secure the digital infrastructure. Securosys Primus Hardware Security Modules (HSM) secure digital keys used in relation with banking transactions, identity and access management, digital signature, key management, and much more. Combined with the Transaction Security Broker it allows to build systems based on multi-authorization that will match the highest enterprise standards for security, compliance and flexibility. In addition, the Imunes Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) allows for secure execution of programs like policy engines, whitelisting services, etc. 

The Securosys portfolio offered by Altrair-775 is complemented with the Centurion Network Encryptors that secure point-to-point and multi-point layer-2 and layer-3 networks.

Securosys products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland and with vested European partners using a trusted supply chain. Securosys Primus HSM protect over $100B in daily transactions on the Swiss Banking system SIC operated by SIX under the supervision of the Swiss National Bank (SNB).

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