Vormetric Container Security

Container technologies are bringing unprecedented benefits to organizations, but also come with new risks. Vormetric Container Security delivers critical encryption, access controls, and data access audit logging capabilities that enable organizations to meet compliance, regulatory, and best practice requirements for safeguarding data within dynamic container environments.




  • Prevent Privileged User Abuse. Containers often run with root level systems permissions (For Docker, by default – elsewhere, when specifically enabled), resulting in administrators having full access to container images and system data. Encryption with data access controls enables privileged users such as Docker or OpenShift cluster administrators to work as usual, without exposing sensitive information.
  • Maximize Container Advantages, Minimize Risk. Enforce data security policies in dynamic container environments, even in the cloud. Maximize the benefits of using containers in any environment, without compromising data security.
  • Address Compliance Requirements. Address the data access control requirements of pertinent compliance and other regulatory mandates—whether you manage payment cards, healthcare records, or other sensitive assets.




  • Comprehensive Data Security Safeguards. Extends Vormetric Transparent Encryption, enabling security teams to establish data security controls inside of containers. With this extension, you can apply encryption, access control, and data access logging on a per-container basis. Encryption can be applied to data generated and stored locally within the container and to data mounted in the container by network file systems.
  • Granular Controls and Visibility. Vormetric Container Security offers the detailed visibility and control you need to comply with the most stringent policies and mandates. With this solution, enterprises can establish granular access policies based on specific users, processes, and resource sets within containers. Finally, this solution can establish isolation between containers, so that only authorized containers can access sensitive information.
  • No changes to container environments. Establish data security controls without having to make any changes to applications, containers or infrastructure sets. The solution even supports common container microservices deployment models, enabling single policies that can apply to all containers running on a container host instance, allowing distinct policies for each container or a mix of policy types.




Requires Vormetric Transparent Encryption as a prerequisite

Platform/Environment Support

  • Docker: 1.12.6 or later
  • OpenShift: 3.4.128 or later
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 7.x
  • Can run on physical systems, VMs, and AWS EC2 instances
  • All other support specifications identical to Vormetric Transparent Encryption




Download the Vormetric Container Security Product Brief