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  • One of the largest private cybersecurity companies in the world, with thousands of enterprise and government customers in more than 150 countries.
  • Created by Raytheon in 2016 to commercialize defense-grade technologies for the enterprise security market.
  • Supporting global governments, defense and intelligence communities to ensure success of the world’s most high-consequence missions.


Forcepoint brings considerable global resources to support customers and their missions with a focus on regulated industries – Government, Health Care, Education, Transportation, Energy, Finance. Supporting customers worldwide – government and commercial entities trust Forcepoint with some of the world’s most sensitive networks and data.


  • 20+ Years Protecting Government Missions
  • Solutions in Use across Intelligence, Defense and Civilian Agencies
  • Trusted by Systems Integrators & Services Providers – Securing Customers & Themselves
  • Unmatched Expertise Across Sectors


List of Cybersecurity Solutions

Cloud Security

  • Forcepoint Email Security
  • Forcepoint Linux Security
  • Forcepoint Web Security
  • Forcepoint CASB

Network Security

  • Forcepoint NGFW

Data & Insider Threat Security

  • Forcepoint Insider Threat
  • Forcepoint DLP
  • Forcepoint DLP Endpoint
  • Forcepoint InnerView (Global Governments Business Only)
  • Forcepoint Convergence
  • Forcepoint Spotlight
  • Forcepoint CrossView

Cross Domain & Multi-Level Security

  • Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client
  • Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client: Remote
  • Forcepoint High Speed Guard
  • Forcepoint Small Format Guard
  • Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System
  • Forcepoint Trusted Print Delivery
  • Forcepoint Trusted Mail System
  • Forcepoint SimShield
  • Forcepoint WebShield

Additional Solutions (Global Governments Only)

  • Forcepoint SureView Analytics
  • Forcepoint Trusted Access Mobile

You can find information about each point of this list here.



Download the Forcepoint Company Overview