Our company has signed an agreement on the representation of CyGlass (USA) products. CyGlass is one of the leading companies in the field of cybersecurity, whose products are widely used by the USA National Intelligence Agency, the USA National Security Agency, the USA Department of the Air Force, and a […]

The partnership agreement with CyGlass was signed

Companies “Altair-775” and “Svit IT” Ltd, as the official representatives of “Thales UK Limited” in Ukraine, have organized and conducted the workshop on Thales payment hardware security modules (payShield 9000 series) as well as the Vormetric product line from Thales. The program of the event consisted of the speech from […]

Thales Workshop. Kyiv, March 21, 2018

As enterprises strive to adapt to fast-changing operational and security requirements driven by the market’s digital transformation, they find themselves migrating into a hyperconverged infrastructure. However, the combination and sharing of computing and networking resources can often create vulnerabilities that lead to data security concerns. Target your Cisco Hyperflex customers […]

New HyperFlex Channel Enablement Kit from Cisco and Thales now ...