About company

The company “Altair-775” Ltd, was founded in August 1997. Since that time it has successfully operated in the telecommunication market of Ukraine.

“ALTAIR-775” has the license of the State Service of Special Communications and Protection of Information of Ukraine for the right to carry out a series of works related to cryptographic information protection (CIP), as well as a license of the Security Service of Ukraine for the right to develop, manufacture and trade Lawful Interception Systems (LIS).

“ALTAIR-775” is registered in the State Service of Export Control of Ukraine for the possibility of conducting foreign trade activities related to the import-export of equipment related to dual-use goods.

Specialists of the company “ALTAIR-775”, which are involved in the work, have extensive experience in the practical work on the installation and maintenance of telecommunication equipment, radio equipment, CIP and LIS equipment.

“ALTAIR-775” is supported the main business relations in the foreign economic area with the following companies: “GL Communications Inc.” (USA), “Gemalto Inc.” (France), “Bull Inc.” (USA), “THALES e-Security” (United Kingdom), “Securosys” (Switzerland), “EMC Products Ltd.” (UK), “ERICSSON” (Sweden), Riverbed (USA), Crypto AG (Switzerland), Telsy (Italy), Comtech (UK), Thrane & Thrane (Demnark). The main areas of “ALTAIR-775” activities are the work related to the creation of software and hardware monitoring systems for communication lines, as well as the creation of modern telecommunication systems of special purpose.

Among the customers of equipment and services of the company “ALTAIR-775″ there are the leading banks of Ukraine (National Bank of Ukraine, Oschadbank, UkrSibbank, etc.), Security Service of Ukraine, State Service of Special Communications and Protection of Information of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine,”Ukrtelecom”, State Company “Ukrainian Special Systems”, State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.